【开云体育】你儿时都玩些什么 看看新一代儿童的11款高科技玩具

时间:2022-12-25 00:39
本文摘要:We’re old enough to remember when educational games were limited to the back of a box of cereal. But a whole new generation of kids are lucky enough to have access to teaching toys, games, and gadgets that are actual fun. We’ve got 11 of t


We’re old enough to remember when educational games were limited to the back of a box of cereal. But a whole new generation of kids are lucky enough to have access to teaching toys, games, and gadgets that are actual fun. We’ve got 11 of the best toys around that help children learn coding and tech skills.新一代儿童的玩具科技含量极高,比起之一,我们儿时玩游戏过的变形金刚真是弱爆了。这些高科技玩具不仅给孩子带上去幸福,还让他们边玩边自学编程等科学技能。1.Dash and Dot1.Dash and Dot巨人机器人The one-eyed, talking robots Dash and Dot integrate with iOS and Android devices to help teach kids ages 5 and up coding skills. Responding to light and sound, and sensing objects around them, the devices must be programmed to interact with the world around them.与iOS和安卓设备因应用于的巨人语音机器人Dash and Dot可以协助5岁及以上的儿童自学编程。

它们可以对光线和声音作出反应,还能感官周围的物体,但必需在编程后才能与周围的世界对话。2.Jewelbots2.Jewelbots手链The programmable friendship bracelets from Jewelbots aim to make coding accessible to pre-teen girls. After a successful Kickstarter campaign which featured an endorsement from no less an authority than Bill Nye, the wearables will ship this summer.这款由Jewelbots发售的可编程友谊手链目的让13岁的女孩认识到编程。在众筹网站kickstarter.com上顺利筹款并取得最少像比尔·奈伊(科教节目《比尔教教科学》主持人)这样的权威人士接纳后,这款可穿着产品将于今年夏天上市。

3.Sphero SPRK Edition3.Sphero SPRK Edition 机器人You may recognize Sphero from their 2015 holiday hit BB-8, but it’s not all fun and games. The Sphero SPRK Edition promises to teach robotics, coding, and STEM principles through a C-based kid-friendly language called OVAL.大家对Sphero的理解有可能源自他们在2015年假期发售的热门产品BB-8机器人,但这家公司不光只有趣味和游戏。Sphero SPRK Edition机器人致力于通过OVAL计算机语言教会孩子们机器人技术、编程以及科学、技术、工程和数学(STEM)原理。

OVAL基于C语言,适合于儿童自学。4.Mover Kit4.Mover Kit可穿着编程玩具Launched on Kickstarter earlier this month, Mover Kit is an unassembled wearable that allows kids to create their own integrated apps, accessing the device’s accelerometer, magnetometer, and LEDs.Mover Kit本月早些时候在kickstarter.com网站上亮相,这是一款报废便利的可穿着设备,容许孩子们通过他们自己撰写的构建应用于用于Mover Kit上的加速度传感器、磁力仪和LED灯。


5.Tinker by Kiwi Crate5. Kiwi Crate装配套件Kiwi Crate offers a series of subscription boxes for kids, and their Tinker Crate, intended for ages 9 – 16, includes a new STEM project every month.Kiwi Crate为孩子们发售一系列工程组件玩具。他们的Tinker Crate面向9-16岁的孩子,每个月都会有一个新的STEM项目。

6.Puzzlets6.Puzzlets积木Pairing with a tablet or computer, Puzzlets looks like an old-fashioned tile game but actually introduces complex coding and programming challenges. Kids use the tiles to move characters through 120 progressively more difficult levels.Puzzlets和平板电脑或个人计算机设施用于。虽然看起来看起来老式拼图游戏,但它实质上引入了简单的编程难题。通过这款积木玩具,孩子们可以让他们的人物通过120个更加无以的关卡。

7.GoldieBlox7.GoldieBlox积木One of the biggest players in bringing STEM to girls, GoldieBlox have outgrown their feud with the Beastie Boys to focus on bringing erector set-like toys that aim to close the gender gap in engineering.作为让女孩子认识STEM的最主要企业之一, GoldieBlox早已仍然跟饶舌乐队Beastie Boys争吵一触即发,他们把注意力集中于在了发售修建类玩具上,目的是避免工程方面的性别差距。8. Code Monkey Island8. Code Monkey Island纸牌Yes, an old-fashioned board game can actually teach coding skills. Code Monkey Island uses the logic required to do basic programming while helping your monkey score more bananas.到底,这是一款老式的棋盘游戏,但知道能教授孩子们编程技能。在协助自己的猴子取得更加多香蕉的过程中,Code Monkey Island拒绝孩子们用于基本编程所需的逻辑。

9.Primo9.Primo编程机器人The Cubetto from Primo Toys combines old fashioned wooden block toys with robotics. Without using words, or screens, the Cubetto robot hopes to make abstract programming ideas accessible to all.Primo Toys发售的积木盒Cubetto把老式的木质积木玩具和机器人技术融合了一起。Cubetto不必须用于词汇或者屏幕,其目的是让所有人都认识到抽象化的编程概念。10.Kano10.Kano电脑装配套件The Kano lets kids assemble their own actual computer, using a Raspberry Pi-powered board, basic wiring, and modular display unit.孩子们可以通过Kano装配属于自己的确实电脑。这款玩具还包括树莓为首驱动的主板、基本导线以及表明模块。

11.Robot Turtles11.Robot Turtles 机器乌龟卡片游戏Not to be confused with the teenage mutants, Robot Turtles is a board game and ebook that teaches the fundamentals of programming to kids aged 3 – 8.可别跟忍者神龟弄混了,Robot Turtles是棋盘游戏和电子书的综合体,能教3-8岁的孩子自学基础编程科学知识。